Company History In Brief

The continuous growth of Indonesian economic has a significant role in the development of automotive industry, that likewise in the component industry sector.

In 1976 PT. Kayaba Indonesia as a joint venture company was established by PT. Astra International, Kayaba Industry Co. Ltd. And other partner. Initially PT. Kayaba Indonesia produced shock absorbers for the automobile. Later on PT. Kayaba Indonesia produced Oil/Rear Cushion Unit, Front Forks for motorcycles, and developed non automotive Hydraulic Equipment to fulfill the expanding demand. The production of Kayaba Indonesia Shock Absorbers constituting Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) as well as Replacement Market which are marketed through strong and reputable distribution channels.

Based on our motto “ Prosper with the nation “ PT. Kayaba Indonesia shows quick progress, due to the supports with the skilled human resources, implementation of the excellent technology and the latest management system. PT. Kayaba Indonesia produces significant volume of high quality shock absorber. And has a work ethic: “Customer Satisfactions is Our Company Priority “.

Reputed Partnership Worldwide

Maintaining the quality of our product is our commitment towards preserving the trust of our customer in KYBI's products. PT. Kayaba Indonesia with its achievements and reputation has won the confidence of various producers of cars and motorcycles to supply its products according to customer standard quality.

Production Activity

PT. KYBI Produces wide ranges of high quality shock absorber and its related Products trough efficient process has become our motivation to fulfill market need. The Engineering Department experts are capable to provide good support in product Development. With modern equipment PT KYBI guarantees excellent design and Quality product.

As 7 June 2006, Kayaba Indonesia produces railway product lines exclusively for the Indonesian Railways with PT. Cakrabuana Pesona as its sole distributor. Our products used by the Indonesian Railways:

- KYB Shock Absorber C 50
- KYB Shock Absorber KP/KF 400
- KYB Shock Absorber KD/KF 325
- KYB Oil Dumper Vertical Bogie Bolsterless (K9)
- KYB Oil Dumper Horicontal Bogie Bolsterless (K9)

Production Special Features

PT. Kayaba Indonesia gives excellent feeling for driving.
1. Stability of Handling
2. Ride Comfort
3. Safety Driving

Quality Assurance

Customer satisfaction constitutes a management policy demanding the responsibility of several aspects. Every individual is therefore required to do in active role in reaching the best result in production trough the application of Total Quality Control. To develop the human resources capability to find out the various emerging problem Internally as well as externally, a solution is implement a system called Quality Control Circle (QCC), which is used to reach a high standard of quality. In order to maintain the high quality standard, before deliver the product into the market, a high standard quality inspection has to be carried out using the facility of the laboratory. Such facility for quality testing including: Endurance Tester, Salt Spray Tester, Impact Tester, Coordinate Measurement Tester, etc.

Engineering Activity

Supporting by skilled human resources and modern equipment, moreover our Engineering Department is capable to improve our competitive product. To produce the high quality product by efficient production process is our goal. Our engineering is supported by CNC. CAD. CAM facility that is able to make mould and dies to support our production capability.

PT. Kayaba Indonesia Network

PT. Kayaba Indonesia continues to strengthen its superior position in the domestic market by excellent technology and skilled human resources. With this strength the PT.Kayaba Indonesia has been expanding its coverage to the global market through the reputable network.

Core Business

Entire spectrum of Indonesian Railways supplies and services; from office supplies, to locomotive spareparts, machinery, overhauls, rehabilitations, land/sea railcars & locomotive transport, etc.