Locotractor is a road-rail vehicle which can operate both on rail tracks and a conventional road.

Zephir’s locotractors is the world’s most versatile railway traction vehicle.

It can replace traditional locomotives to carry out maintenance maneuvers while offering substantial operative savings and excellent performance.

It’s a very flexible vehicle able to enter and exit the rail-roads and able to move quickly in the plants.


The “LOCOTRACTOR” model LOK is a rail/road Diesel vehicle with hydraulic traction. It’s produced in 12 models able to substitute the traditional locomotives having a weight of 100 tons.

It could be equipped with automatic hooks and remote control which turn the Locotractor in a vehicle quicker and cheaper for the wagons handling.

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This vehicle could be on and off – tracked from railways and it can cross tracks to perform cross terminal movements quickly and efficiently at a smaller costs than the LOK range.

Lok E

Progression of LOK range, the LOK E has two 30 kW electrical motors (instead of diesel engine, one for each axle, 1000 Ah, 80 V battery powered.

LOK E range enhances the environmental role in Zephir strategies, that is more and more engaged in designing non – polluting vehicle.

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These vehicles are cheap and able to replace Diesel hydraulic locomotives up to a weight of 40 tons, working in the industrial installation.


Larger capacity rail only shunters designed for use in large freight yards, marshalling yards & industrial facilities.

The LOKOM is a direct replacement for traditional shunting vehicles in many applications, with much more efficient use of energy, low maintenance requirements and high availability.

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Locotractor model CRAB is an electric vehicle, able to swiftly shift from road to rail and to easily move inside narrow spaces, as for example railway workshops.


Its reduced dimensions, the little bending radius, the noiselessness and the absence of emissions make the CRAB the most suitable vehicle for internal use.

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Its features include flexibility, low capital & running costs, safe operation, zero gas emissions and a very low noise level.


KUBO is a shunting locomotive specially designed for use in railway workshops and depots.

KUBO can be customised to individual requirements with the many available optionals.

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