Pocked Recording Car

MMD 84.09

Towed MMD bogie behind road/railway vehicle

MMD84.09 is a semi-autonomous contact track geometry measuring system. It consists of the towed bogie, wireless data transition, rugged measuring laptop, semi-real time measuring software and comfortable advanced analysis software. The measuring speed is limited only by maximum traveling speed on certain track quality. The speed can be more then 25km/h for good CWR track. The permanent lateral contact of the bogie wheels and running edge of rails is provided by pneumatic cylinders powered by pressure air from towing railway/hirail vehicle.


The main features are:

• Rugged, reliable and low-cost “pocked track recording car”
• Wireless data transition
• Comfort visualization of the measured data, entry of the track Events
• Precise synchronization of the track Events and geometry
• Precise localization along the track
• All advanced data analysis features as usual on big systems are available
• The database of the track facilities is incorporated into the measuring and analysis software in user-friendly way. The track database supports the Design values of the Cant, curve radius and Gauge, the speed zones and many others.



• Mechanical structure of the bogie, towing bar

• Pneumatic system (air tank, cylinders, controllers and valves, air pressure sensors 2pcs)

• Electronic system

– potentiometers 5pcs, optical encoder 1pc, inclinometer 1pc, rate-gyro 1pc, indicators of the bogie derailment 3pc
– Data acquisition electronic board DMN, input of the GPS receiver
– Generator of synchronization pulses (it provides an exact synchronization of geometrical values and track events)
– Ethernet board, providing a wireless data transition from the bogie to the measuring computer (Panasonic toughbook), being placed in the cabin of the towing vehicle.
– Low cost GPS receiver
– Battery 2x6V 12Ah (it provides 8h of operation without charging)
– Pulse Battery Charger. The charging is available also during measuring in emergency case

• Measuring software Krab9vNET

– Graphs of measured geometric values (Gauge, Align_L/R, Track curvature, Top_L/R, Cant, Cant_dyn, Twist_any bases, KM)
– and technologic values (force/pressure of the air)
– Graphical presentation of the track design values from the track database
– Input of the track events and KM discontinuities from keyboard, the events are precisely synchronized with the track geometry thanks the pulse generator
– on-line evaluation of the Gauge, Cant and Twist
– indicating of the battery level
– safety storage of the measured data to KRX data form

• Evaluation software Krab8.1

– Fast and comfort evaluation of the stored geometry data
– The results printout in form:
– graphs of geometry values
– tables of local defects
– tables of a section evaluation
– overview maps of the measured track

• Rugged measuring notebook Panasonic TOUGHBOOK CF-19



Technical data:

• Max. measuring speed 25km/h (it is limited only by risk of derailment, measuring system can work till 40km/h)
• Precision of some geometry values:

Precision of some geometry values
• The others presented geometry values (derived):
– Measuring speed
– lateral forces on wheels
– Twist on selectable bases
– Track curvature
– Cyclic joint
– Gauge100
– Unbalanced lateral acceleration
• The request for of the air-pressure source 8bar

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