Yoshida Seiki

Shinyei Testing Machinery Co., Ltd produces multi purpose vibrometer of digital acceleration measurement and analysis system such as Yoshida Seiki train vibration analysis system and measurement instruments.

Product ranges

2015-08-05 13_28_42-Vibrograph UHA _ YOSHIDA SEIKI - Drop & Shock testing system


Vibration Recorder

UHA measures vibrations on train vehicles to monitor railroad tracks and maintenance purposes. Vibration data is recorded in real-time PC card processing software and printed out for analysis.


  • Acceleration data is measured by strain gage pick-up at 12 bit resolution.
  • Digital vibration data is recorded to the printed form as analog data by real-time.
  • Data over the threshold is showed on LCD on the hardware. Those data can be transferred to PC by USB cable or printed out.
  • Optional marking, kilometer-point and speed, is printed on the paper each 100m or 1km. Also it can type this marking by the remote-switch.
  • All measurement condition setup like start-stop is operated by its keyboard.
  • Data of each time or distance is recorded to PC card. Data viewing and analysis is performed by analysis software.



2015-08-05 13_30_17-Wheel Diameter Measuring Instrument TY-50 _ Railway _ YOSHIDA SEIKI - Drop Machi


Wheel Diameter Measuring Instrument

Measuring wheel diameter with a dial gauge.


  • Direct reading with a dial gauge.
  • Two-side indication type diameter.
  • Magnetic absorption.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Stability and high precision


2015-08-05 13_30_40-Digital Tyre Measuring Instrument TOD-400 _ Railway _ YOSHIDA SEIKI - Drop Machi


Digital Tyre Measuring Instrument

Measures flange height, and distance from the axis center simultaneously as the reference. Measurement for tire thickness is also available.


  • Digital display of measurements.
  • LED display that is visible at a dark place.
  • Simple operation with a button.
  • Measurement of the size of both tyres at the same place.
  • Battery alarm.
  • Built in chargeable battery.

2015-08-05 13_31_21-Wheel Weighing Machines TWL-1_TWL-2 _ Railway _ YOSHIDA SEIKI - Drop Machine & S


Wheel Weighing Machines

Measures wheel loads on the track for any kind cars, dial gauge or digital display type can be selected.


  • Measures wheel loads on track.
  • Two hydraulic cylinders operated by a manual pump to lift the wheel.
  • Dial gauge or digital display type can be selected.


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