RBP-E system has been designed to complete the more complex measuring trolley Krab that measures full set of the track geometry quantities. This equipment measure gauge, cant and twist. It can measure also lateral wear of the vignol and/or grooved rails and cross profile of these rails as an option.

It is ideally to be used on secondary routes, sidings and industrial tracks. The measurement speed is limited to approx. 6 kph. All above mentioned values are scanned continuously, only exception is the cross profile measurement that is performed during stop. The PDA computer Itronix Q200 is used as data logger.

Measuring rollers are adjustable in range 9-14mm under the rail top to follow running edge. The trolley surface finish is yellow powder paint. Measuring and evaluation software is same like Krab software.

Roller of the vignol rail lateral wear

Trolley design :

  • The stiff frame made of Al tubes
  • Strut out mechanism
  • The wheels are made of special polyamide, rollers of steel
  • Mechanism of lateral wear / grove width measurement
  • Mechanism of the cross profile measurement (vignol/groove rail)
  • Pushing rod and computer support
  • Steel, water proof case containing electronic board, potentiometers, inclinometer, optical encoder, lead accumulator 12V, 7Ah.
  • The case is provided by connector of data logger cable and the socket for charger
  • Mechanism of the cross profile
The measuring process

The measuring starts by entry of the informational description of the track section to be measured, speed zone and initial kilometer chainage. During the running the following continuously measured track parameters are displayed:

  • Gauge
  • Gauge change per 1m
  • Cant
  • Twist for selectable twist base
  • Lateral rail wear / groove width
  • Track gradient (optionaly)
  • Rail length (KM chainaga)
Table of precision

The real time processing of signals from the sensors is performed by the on-board computer Q200, whereby the following items are warranted:

  • reading and scanning of signals given above
  • on-line processing of the signals: anti-aliasing, optical and
  • display of numerical values of the geometry data
  • entry of the geometry data into non-erasable storage of on-board computer at the distance 0.25m. The measuring distance is 30-120 km (depending on memory amount 2?8MB).
  • entry of the informational description of the track section to be measured
  • entry so called events (mud spots in ballast, damaged sleepers etc.) with exact position along the distance.
Assessment of the collected data

After the measuring, the collected raw geometry data are transferred from the on-board computer HUSKY into any PC computer. Sophisticated assessment software makes a graph of geometry values, table of local defects and table of section evaluation – statistic evaluation of the track geometry based on standard deviation and quality index.

Graph of the geometry values (example of evaluation software KRAB7.00 for Windows

Basic technical data:

  • Mass: 28kg basic duralumin version
  • 20 hours without battery charge
  • working temperature: -5?55 ?C.