POWERVE Portable Scale is the first and only fully portable system to weigh trains in only 30 minutes.

The easy installation and portability makes it perfect for use both along track and at workshops, you will be able to move the system to the track you prefer minimizing the movements of rail cars.

POWERVE allows to measure rolling stock composed of bogies with one, two or three axles.

Hand Portable

The system is so light and easy to use that can be quickly used by just two people.


POWERVE is a new high tech product for weighing trains. It uses cutting edge technologies in order to offer to the users a simplified approach to this kind of measurement. We specifically designed: the shape for the loading cells so as to minimize the errors deriving from the use in field, the shape for the ramps to safely place the wheels on the measuring zones and the hardware/software systems capable of working in perfect synergy to control and guide the measurement.

Simple Procedure

POWERVE measures the overall weight of a rolling stock by measuring one wheelset (bogie) at time.
The measurement procedure for each wheelset (or bogie) is really simple and guided by an intuitive Tablet application. The app will guide the operators in each step of the measurement. The measurement is carried out by using a shunting machine or a locomotive to pull the rolling stock so as to rise it on the ramps and let it sit in the measuring zone. Once on the load cells, the application automatically saves the measures and then asks to move the rolling stock down the ramps. To ensure a good result the measurement is repeated 4 times per wheelset (boogie). Once a wheelset (bogie) has been measured the system asks to move to the next in order to measure the whole rolling stock.

Easy Installation

The simplified in field installation makes it ready to use in less than 10 minutes and only requires 2 people to install it. You just need to lean the ramps on the rails and place the load cells in their housings, then you are ready to go!

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