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The underfloor wheel lathes types, TUP650, TUP650H and TUP650SH are designed for reconditioning of wheel profiles of all ranges of rail vehicles. The machining process is carried out without the necessity of dismantling the wheelsets from the vehicle.

TUP 650 lathe is designed for light rail vehicles like tramways where single axle load does not exceed 10000 daN whereas TUP650H lathe is for e.g. traction units of subways where single axle load does not exceed 17000 daN and TUP650SH lathe is for railway applications where single axle load does not exceed 30000 daN

The above floor wheel lathe type TUU1250 with a friction drive is designed for turning of wheel profiles of rail vehicle wheelsets both the new and the used one. The loading and unloading of wheelsets from the machine can be carried out from the floor level. The wheelset is rolled in and rolled off at the front of the machine.

PZK2 is a diagnostic station designed for automatic, contactless measurement of profile and diameter of the rail vehicles. Additionally with the use of that station you can perform the measurement of back-to-back distance.

The station is installed on the rail track e.g. in tramway depot and it enables the measurement of the parameters while the vehicle travels over the station at a speed up to 10 km/h during the measurement process from one approach direction PZK2 station can be installed both in pit type foundation made in the depot floor and also in a revision channel.

The drilling machines series WDL are special purpose machine tools designed for automatic drilling of axial and radial holes in the blade roots of wind power stations. Apart from that, cutting off and

milling operations can be performed on the faces of the subject blade roots.

The ring rolling machines type PZD are special purpose devices, designed for rolling of the safety rings in the tyres of the wheelsets. They are mainly used in repair railway workshops. The ring rolling machine is a multifunctional device; it enables the rolling of wheelset of various diameters in a wide range of speeds and rolling forces of both standard and drive wheelsets.

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Underfloor Wheel Lathes

17 August 2012